Odd: Rocks found in place of girl’s brand new iPod… twice.

It’s your birthday and all you really wanted was a brand new iPod. You unwrap your gifts fervidly and you hit pay dirt. The iPod you wanted-no, you needed! You open the packaging with great anticipation, only to discover that there is no iPod. Only rocks. Not even good rocks, or iRocks, just rocks. This scenario unfolded recently in the life of a 14-year-old in Texas.

So they went to Target to return it…

Apparently, Target’s return policy for customers using their Target cards is to issue store credit only-despite the family asking for their money back, it was rocks or store credit, period. Unfortunately, the store in Fort Worth had no other iPods. The employees did, however, call around to other area Target stores and found one that had the product in Grand Prairie, 20 miles away.

The Grand Prairie store’s employees, perhaps unforgivingly after hearing the sob story, insisted that the new iPod had to be purchased before opening it. The family finally agreed, purchased the iPod, and opened in in front of Target employees. Again, the box that should have contained an iPod contained rocks. The woman once again asked for her money back, but again was denied. She then, according to the article, had her daughter pick out other items in order to use the store credit.